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Exterior Repair and Remodeling

Let us renew, remodel, repair or renovate your home or commercial exterior.

Whether you want a new look, you need to repair what has worn out with age, or both, Home Maintenance Experts are the professionals people turn to when it comes to reinvigorating commercial investments or home properties.

Add more value to your home or property investments with new siding, soffit, and fascia, add or enlarge a deck, replace those old doors and windows with new energy-efficient ones, build an extra space, put in new outdoor lighting for safety and security, and much more. We can even take care of that discoloration in your ceiling by sealing that hole in the roof once and for all.

Let's power wash that siding or deck, and restain that deck to make it new again. Add more value to your home or commercial investments from the inside out, with Home Maintenance Experts.

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Our Services - Ext

Our Exterior Services Examples:


Let's renew your home with new siding, a new color, complementing shutters, and trim color.


Let's increase your home's value. Add some "curb appeal" to your home or commercial property investment, and let's turn some heads!

Decks & Fences

Let's clean up that deck by power washing and staining it. Make it look new again. Increase the value of your home by adding a fence or repairing and painting an existing fence. Or add a fence to keep your pets safe when they're outside. Make your yard a place of pride for you to relax and enjoy with your family and friends!

Painting & Washing

Let's get pressure washing! We can remove loose paint, mold, algae, grime, dust, and mud, so your home or deck shines.  

We'll repaint the exterior of your home, including any steel doors.

And we'll make your home the jewel on the block.

Backyard Washing
Doors & Windows

Let's make a statement with a new energy-efficient door or windows. Change it up, make it more energy-efficient, and make a beautiful impression. We'll replace those storm windows and screens in no time!

Our Process - Ext

Our Process


How would YOU feel if you had to stand outside all year long for twenty years? Now you know how your house feels! Seriously, everything ages. And everything that ages needs attention. From foundations that shift over time to harsh weather that batters your home or your commercial investments year after year, the exterior of your property needs attention. From roofing to siding to window and door updates and replacement, Home Maintenance Experts have the experience, the tools, the capability, and the products to maintain and improve your property investment and value.



Update those windows and doors with the highest energy-efficient models on the market.


Let us change out those basement windows and add an egress window to your finished basement.


And let's add new siding that will give your property a completely new and updated look.



Add a workshop or additional storage space to your garage. Let's reinvent that deck of yours, update it, and make your property even more valuable.

Add some outdoor lighting that not only brightens your entire exterior look but also provides a measure of safety and security.


We can do this. Because we are the
Home Maintenance Experts

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